5 figures to remember about the financing of political parties in 2020

VSIn accordance with the provisions of article 147 of the Constitution and article 44 of organic law n ° 29.11 relating to political parties, the Court of Auditors is responsible for the mission of auditing the accounts of political parties and verifying the sincerity of their expenditure in respect of the support granted by the State. For the year 2020, the institution headed by Zineb El Adaoui published on December 24 a report relating to this mission.

Main finding drawn up by this control body: “continuous improvement”Of the financial and accounting performance of political parties, in particular as regards the justification of their expenditure, the certification of their accounts and the return to the Public Treasury of part of the undue support, not used or used for purposes other than those for which it has been granted or whose use has not been supported by the supporting documents provided for by the laws and regulations in force.

In 2020, 64.63 million dirhams for political parties

While the 2020 finance law provided for a budget envelope of 80 million dirhams (MDH), the support effectively granted to political parties for this exercise reached only 64.63 million dirhams spread over 26 parties, including 58 , MAD 12 million come under the State contribution to cover their management costs. The rest, in this case 6.31 MDH, is the amount of support given to the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), to cover the costs of organizing its national congress held in February 2020.

Indeed, state support set at 64.63 MDH represents 53% of the overall resources of political parties in 2020, estimated at 121.93 MDH. The own resources, covering the remaining 47%, amounted for the same financial year to 57.30 MDH. Another detail relating to public support: a contribution of the order of 1.87 MDH was not released to four parties, for lack of regularization of their situations with the public treasury. It is in this case the party Democratic and Social Movement (MDS) which owes the treasury 1.64 MDH, the National Democratic Party, the Moroccan Union for Democracy party and the Al Ahd Addimocrati party.

22% of RNI resources come from the State

While it represents 53% of the total resources of the 26 beneficiary political parties, state support differs significantly between the parties. For example, the National Rally of Independents (RNI) which heads the current government was funded up to 22% by the state in 2020. This is not the case for the other two parties in the coalition. government: the PAM and the Istiqlal party were respectively funded at 81% and 47%. The Justice and Development Party (PJD), at the head of the Executive for two successive terms, is 49% financed by the State.

195,000 dirhams for strengthening the political representativeness of women

In addition to the annual support granted to political parties, 195,000 dirhams were paid as part of the strengthening of the political representativeness of women. For the 2020 financial year, three groups benefited from it: the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP) and the Popular Movement (MP) each received 50,000 dirhams, while the Green party inherited 95,000. dirhams.

10 parties are funded entirely by the state

For their management costs, the majority of the beneficiary parties also use their own resources: contributions and membership fees (75%) and non-current income (25%) consisting mainly of income from the sale of fixed assets and rental income. . For the 2020 financial year, ten parties were however fully funded by the State. They are the New Democrats Party, the Equity Party, the Freedom and Social Justice Party, the Front of Democratic Forces Party and the Al Amal Party.

The Unity and Democracy Party, the Reform and Development Party, the Shura and Istiqlal Party, the Renaissance and Virtue Party and the Annahda Party complete the list. Only one party on this list, in this case the Party of the Front of Democratic Forces, is represented in Parliament with three seats.

7.76 million dirhams have not yet been returned to the treasury

Until December 8, 2021, some political parties have not yet returned to the Treasury an amount of approximately MAD 7.76 million, regrets the Court of Auditors in its report. This amount consists of undue support (1.32 MDH representing the difference between the advance paid to the party and the amount of support due to it in view of the results of the ballot concerned), not used or used for purposes other than those for which it has been granted (1.37 MDH), or the use of which has not been supported by the supporting documents provided for by the laws and regulations in force (5.07 MDH).

While noting that 10 parties have pledged to return 7.01 MDH of said amount over the next year, the Court of Auditors recommends that the Ministry of the Interior continue the efforts made to encourage political parties to return to the Treasury public unjustified amounts of state support.

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