77th UN General Assembly: Morocco for strategic transformations

It is the annual moment when the global and the local meet. The UN Secretary General, in his opening speech at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, called for a “global coalition to overcome divisions”, sounding a warning from the outset: “Our world is in dire straits”. The Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, representing Morocco at this session, while confirming the Kingdom’s commitments, advocated going beyond the management of the current global crisis to initiate strategic transformations.

Inequalities are growing and challenges are increasing. A winter of global discontent is looming, a cost of living crisis is raging, trust is crumbling, inequality is exploding, the planet is burning, people are suffering and the ideals of the UN Charter are in jeopardy. This situation is aggravated by the dangerous negative deviations paradoxically experienced by technological progress proliferating hate speech and misinformation. For the SG of the UN, this progress is “held hostage by geopolitical tensions” which weaken the possibilities of international cooperation.

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Faced with these risks and threats, the SG of the UN advocates a “global coalition”. The climate crisis, “decisive issue of our time”, is called to become the absolute priority. The question of “climate justice” therefore arises clearly and urgently. So should we be satisfied with “crisis management”, or should we start “strategic transformations”, at the global level? It is with this question that Aziz Akhannouch, head of government of the Kingdom of Morocco, followed up his statement in New York. Africa is the continent most affected by the current global crisis, bearing the full brunt of the rise in the prices of energy and foodstuffs, and thus destroying the efforts made in terms of sustainable development. However, Africa has an exceptional potential which should enable it to transform challenges into opportunities. International cooperation vis-à-vis the continent should be qualitatively strengthened, notably through debt reduction and priority for integrated development initiatives. The climate challenge is common to the entire planet. The Kingdom of Morocco has been able to set an example, in the world, in the development of renewable energy resources and is ready to share and develop its experience.

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Moreover, without peace, no development could be envisaged. Hence the opportunity to raise again the question of the Moroccan Sahara, an artificial conflict which persists and constitutes a threat to the entire region of North Africa. The direct responsibility of the Algerian State is obvious, in terms of maintaining a more than anachronistic situation. The good faith of the Kingdom of Morocco has been repeatedly demonstrated to definitively settle this “conflict”, a factor of instability and weakening for the entire region. Thus, the Kingdom was at the origin of the Moroccan autonomy initiative which enjoys broad international support. In reality, the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco have already started for a long time and continue irreversibly their development with the active participation of the inhabitants of this region. The Kingdom of Morocco has chosen the path of peace and development for the benefit of the populations of this region, within the framework of its territorial integrity.

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