900 files processed until December 2021 for an envelope of MAD 140 million

900 files processed until December 2021 for an envelope of MAD 140 million

Renewal of the heavy goods vehicle fleet

The renewal of the vehicle fleet, the qualification of human resources and the social protection of road transport workers are among the main issues on which the Ministry of Transport and Logistics is currently focusing. During his visit to Parliament on Wednesday, Minister Mohamed Abdeljalil signaled that the ministry was looking in a first step on the renewal of the fleet of dilapidated road transport vehicles by granting bonuses for the benefit of beneficiaries, intended for renewal or replacement. the breakage of vehicles over 20 years old. The ministry extended this program to vehicles over 15 years old and less than 20 years old, as well as increasing the value of premiums and extending the program until 2023. For more flexibility and efficiency, the program has been entrusted to the National Road Safety Agency (NARSA). In this regard, the Minister indicated that until December 2021, Narsa handled nearly 900 cases for an envelope of 140 million DH.

Regarding the qualification of drivers, the minister specified that nearly 18,000 professional drivers have benefited from training until November 2021, with an envelope of more than 30 million dirhams. In this regard, it should be remembered that the ministry covers training costs within the framework of agreements with the Office for Vocational Training and Work Promotion (OFPPT) and private training establishments. Concerning the improvement of the social conditions of workers in the sector, and within the framework of the implementation of the provisions relating to the implementation of social and health coverage for the category of non-salaried professionals working in the road transport sector of travelers and goods, the Minister announced that consultation tours will be held soon. It is also a question of speeding up the drafting of the legislative texts necessary to allow this category to benefit from health and social services as soon as possible.

In addition, the Minister reviewed the measures that have been taken to mitigate the effects of the health crisis on professionals in the transport sector and preparation for the post-containment phase. He emphasized the continued implementation of the vehicle fleet renewal program during the year 2021, and the contribution to the definition of a category of workers in the transport sector insured with the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) in order to benefit from work stoppage compensation under the Special Fund dedicated to the management of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the mobilization and strengthening of human resources and support professionals during the pandemic period. Mr. Abdeljalil also indicated that a program contract was signed to support and contribute to the revival of the tourism sector, which concerns among others tourist transport companies and car rental agencies.

Passenger transport: A premium of up to 550,000 DH

The road transport vehicle fleet renewal program started in February 2019. With regard to passenger transport, the amount of renewal aid and the scrapping bonus vary according to the age of the vehicle and the number of of places authorized for vehicles assigned to public passenger transport. The amount of the renewal premium is DH 190,000 for a vehicle whose age is greater than 15 years and less than 20 years and whose number of authorized places is greater than 9 and less than or equal to 15 places. The amount is 170,000 DH for a vehicle aged 20 years or more. For vehicles with a number of seats greater than or equal to 25 and less than 20 years old, the premium has been set at 310,000 DH. This increases to 280,000 DH for vehicles aged 20 and over.

This amount can go up to 550,000 DH for those with more than 40 seats (vehicles aged between 15 and 20 years). For public transport in rural areas, the premium is set at 180,000 DH for vehicles whose age is between 15 and 20 years and 160,000 DH beyond 20 years. To benefit from the renewal premium, the company must return the vehicle to the administration for its demolition and final withdrawal from circulation. For its part, the scrapping bonus can be granted each year to companies up to a limit of 3 vehicles. Its amount is 80,000 DH for capacities from 9 to 15 seats and can reach 300,000 DH for 40 seats and more. Note that the amount of the scrapping bonus for public transport vehicles in rural areas has been set at 80,000 DH. To benefit from the scrapping bonus, the company must hand over its vehicle to the administration and undertake not to purchase a vehicle older than ten years during the following three years.

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