A foreign coach leads Raja Sportive, replacing Faouzi Benzarti

Aziz El Badraoui, president of the Raja football team, has revealed the identity of the next coach who will succeed Tunisian Faouzi Benzarti.

Aziz Al-Badrawi confirmed in a press release that the leadership of the green team has achieved a number of
From the biographies of foreign coaches in order to choose the new captain, Château Vert.

In his speech, explained President Rajaoui, only 3 foreign coaches have been chosen, and we are in serious negotiations with them in order to appoint one of them as the new coach of the green team.

It should be noted that Raja Sportive announced yesterday, Wednesday, its separation from Faouzi Benzarti due to poor results, in addition to his irresponsible remarks, according to the Ragaoui side.

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