Abderrahim Beyyoud receives the “Diplomat of the Year Award”, H24info

The head of the Moroccan liaison office in Tel Aviv, Abderrahim Beyyoud, was awarded the “Prize of the diplomat of the year”, granted by the Club of Ambassadors of Israel.

I am truly honored to receive the Diplomat of the Year Award given to me by the Ambassadors Club of Israel. My sincere thanks to His Excellency the President of the State of Israel for his kind letter and kind words on this occasion»declared on this occasion the Moroccan diplomat, Abderrahim Bayoud.

Previously consul general in London and New York, Abderrahim Bayoud also held the position of director of the North America and Caribbean department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before being appointed to Tel Aviv.

Israeli diplomatic sources had revealed to the press that Israel was going to raise the level of its representation in Morocco with an embassy in Rabat. For its part, the Kingdom should also open an embassy in Israel during a visit by Nasser Bourita to the Jewish state.

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For the moment, and since the resumption of their relations, Israel is represented in Morocco with a liaison office opened in August 2021 in Rabat, while the Moroccan liaison office is located in Tel Aviv and is headed by Abderrahim Beyyoud.

Recently, the head of the Israeli liaison office in Rabat, David Govrin, was relieved of his duties after accusations of sexual harassment, nepotism and financial dysfunctions in the management of the office.

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