Abderrahim El Hafidi launches the “Strategic Open Dialogue on Electrification”

Abderrahim El Hafidi launches the “Strategic Open Dialogue on Electrification”

New York Climate Week

The Director General of the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Electricity (GSEP), Abderrahim El Hafidi, chaired, Wednesday in New York, the launching ceremony of the “Strategic Open Dialogue on Electrification” (SODE) and the signing of the related agreement.
This initiative organized by the GSEP, of which the Kingdom of Morocco has chaired the Board since 2020, on the sidelines of Climate Week which is being held in New York from September 19 to 24, 2022, is a global coalition launched by the GSEP and which aims to bring together all stakeholders in the electricity sector value chain: forward-thinking companies in the electricity sector, end-user sectors (transport, industry, building) and strategic/technological partners, in order to discuss challenges to be met and define an action plan to promote the electrification of industry, the tertiary sector and the residential sector, indicates ONEE in a press release.

Indeed, this initiative is part of the actions of the GSEP to advance low-carbon electrification and propel a sustainable energy transition.
The participants in this dialogue focused the debates on the economic, environmental and social challenges and benefits that electrification can bring; the latter being identified as one of the main catalysts for the energy transition towards decarbonization.

During his speech, the DG of ONEE highlighted the evolution of the electric model in Morocco as well as the progress made by the massive integration of renewable energies, which made it possible to contribute to Morocco’s energy sovereignty and to advance beneficial electrification as well as the increased and efficient use of low-carbon electricity, particularly in the industrial, tertiary and residential sectors.

He recalled the commitment of the members of the GSEP, leaders of the electricity companies at the global level and at the heart of the energy transition, to contribute to accelerating and concretizing the achievement of the objectives of climate change, economic development and social progress. Mr. El Hafidi was re-elected president of the GSEP last June for a second consecutive term. The GSEP, which has just commemorated in Marrakech its 30th year of existence, is a unique alliance, led by the CEOs of the world’s largest electricity companies, whose main missions are the transformation of the global energy industry. electricity and the energy transition through the integration of clean energies.

Climate Week is an event that has taken place every year in New York since 2009. This summit takes place alongside the United Nations General Assembly and brings together international leaders from business, government and civil society to present global climate action. It is one of the biggest climate events taking place worldwide.

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