Algerian regime reacts hysterically to World Bank report it accuses of tricking for Morocco

In its latest country report on Algeria, the World Bank laid bare the vulnerability and bleak economic outlook, exacerbating poverty in this country. It did not take more for the Algerian regime to enter into a pathological rage against the world institution, accused of playing Morocco’s game.

In two successive dispatches, published less than two hours apart in the afternoon of Tuesday, December 28, 2021, the official Algerian press agency (APS) attacks the World Bank in an extremely violent manner (BM ). The crime of this institution, which brings together some 189 countries, and of which Algeria has been a member since September 1963, is to have released, on December 22, a report of some 60 pages on the very degraded socio-economic situation of the ruled country. by a military junta.

In a first dispatch entitled “The World Bank leaves its institutional framework and attacks Algeria”, the APS writes that the WB has turned “into a tool of manipulation and propaganda, by distilling information tendentious and underhanded on the economic situation in Algeria, going all shame drunk until even predicting a devastating earthquake and obscure prospects for the country ”.

Instead of relying on figures or concrete achievements in order to take the World Bank report on the wrong foot, the APS adds that this report aims to “tarnish the image of Algeria and sow doubt among Algerians, especially after the images of union and communion that the country experienced recently after the consecration of the national football team in the Arab-FIFA cup ”.

But, as in Algeria everything is seen from the angle of neighboring Morocco, the World Bank is also criticized for evoking “poverty in Algeria, at a time when it ignores the situation of alarming, even dangerous and suicidal precariousness. , raging in a neighboring country to the west of Algeria ”.

Thus, in a second dispatch, published less than two hours later, and entitled “Erroneous report of the WB: an attempt to destabilize Algeria”, the APS reformulates its accusations against the financial institution which s ‘would attack “in a clumsy and gratuitous manner in Algeria where it predicts an economic earthquake, taking into account, she believes, the vulnerability of the country in terms of exports”.

Qualifying Algeria as a country where all the figures are “green”, which is experiencing “improvement” and “strong growth”, the spokesperson for the military-political apparatus, which at no time cites the sources which dictated these allegations to him, arrives at his main objective: to attack Morocco.

“And yet poverty has an address in the region. But, the BM does not talk about it, there is no question of reporting the truths and giving the real figures of poverty in Morocco. We must protect this kingdom from evil and misery whispered (pampered, Editor’s note) by the bosses of the Bretton Woods institution, ”writes the APS.

Hiding the massive rush of Algerians towards Europe fleeing poverty in their country, but also the package of recent draconian and unpopular measures that have hit the purchasing power of Algerians head-on, such as the strong devaluation of the dinar, or the restrictions to imports which created shortages of consumer products, the Algerian media unleashed unheard-of violence against the World Bank. The latter would be at the service of an agenda and subject to lobbies, which would use it to harm Algeria. This report, which nevertheless comes out every year and which describes the situation of each member country of the World Bank, is ultimately qualified as a “flagrant interference” in Algerian affairs, and an “attempt to destabilize” this country.

The violent and rabid attacks by the Algerian regime against the World Bank provide further evidence of the hysteria that prevails as a mode of governance in this country. Morocco is obviously behind everything that annoys the junta. Even a report, based on rational data, from one of the biggest financial institutions on the planet, is a pretext for pouring out pathological hatred against the Kingdom. The Algerian leaders, who present a dismaying spectacle to all the international chancelleries, have lost the sense of measure. You can expect anything from a country whose leaders are unable to keep their cool.

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