Ambition of Morocco in the distribution and dismantling of aircraft. ONDA is reviewing its copy

Sixteen months after the unsuccessful call for tenders launched for the operation of an aircraft maintenance and end-of-life management site backed by Oujda Angad airport, the ONDA (National Airports Office) is considering to review his copy.

The Office in charge of the construction and management of airports in Morocco is working on new specifications intended to select a partner or a group of partners, whose objective will be the design, construction, financing and operation of the first independent center for aircraft repair and dismantling of aircraft at the end of their career and which number in the thousands (i.e. a significant part of the fleet of nearly 30,000 aircraft currently criss-crossing the world). One of the first points to review is that of the size of the site that ONDA offers for operation. Because the 10 hectares provided for in the unsuccessful call for tenders of April 2021 turn out to be ridiculously low in the end, knowing that certain giants of the air can require, per unit, nearly one hectare of surface.

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Today, ONDA realizes that the initial choice of Oujda airport is far from being the most appropriate, among other reasons because of the ban imposed by Algeria on all Moroccan planes or planes registered in Morocco. Finally, this activity, which is very popular around the world and which Morocco intends to invest in order to take its share of the cake, is more suitable in dry climates where the humidity rate is lower. Also, Oujda is far from being the best suited for this purpose.

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For the moment, nothing filters on the contours of the new call for tenders, but it is a safe bet that ONDA will thoroughly review its conditions and the attraction factors that it puts on the table to attract the world’s big names in this very lucrative activity and that Morocco has all the assets to succeed in it. To be continued

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