ANME pleads for “strong” and “efficient” national media

ANME pleads for

The Association held its general assembly on Thursday in Casablanca

Build powerful and economically solid national media hubs. This is the vision defended by the presidency of the National Association of Media and Publishers (ANME) which held its general assembly on September 22, 2022 in Casablanca in the presence of its members. On this occasion, it was proceeded during this session to the adoption by the majority of the moral and financial reports of the Association. Speaking at this meeting, Driss Chahtane, president of ANME, explained that the sector is currently going through a pivotal period requiring the support of media companies, especially small structures. “We have the ambition to become productive companies capable of investing,” he said, adding that it is essential to strengthen companies in the sector. The ambition would also be, for the new presidency, to position the national media on a continental or even international scale, in order to defend the interests of the country. The association also wants to set up a pole bringing together national radio stations. To arrive at these various changes, in-depth work should be carried out on the legislative level.

In this regard, several amendments should be proposed, in particular with regard to the bill relating to the National Press Council (CNP). Moreover, a meeting will also be organized within Parliament on October 16, 2022 with the political parties, the President of the House of Representatives and the President of the House of Councilors to discuss the technical aspect related to the distribution of the budget. allocated to supporting companies in the sector. An initiative that should include all members. As such, the president of ANME made a point of emphasizing that the written press will benefit from specific investment support. At the heart of the transformation initiated by ANME, the journalist will play an essential role. Under the new roadmap, the journalist’s minimum salary should be 7,500 DH.

“We can only be successful if we give a central place to the human element,” he argues, referring to journalists, cameramen and employees of media companies. For future projects, the Association promises to multiply partnerships with airlines, banks and insurance companies in favor of employees in the sector. In addition to continuing to support investment for media companies, it plans to set up new branches for the association and set up new headquarters. But that’s not all. The sector is increasingly faced with the domination of GAFA in terms of advertising. Thus, the ANME will work on the implementation of a global vision for the protection of national media structures.

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