At Raja, the hour of divorce with Faouzi Benzarti has come?

Three games in Botola then go! In the absence of official confirmation from the management of the Greens, Fouzi Benzarti would be at the start. He would have agreed, according to concordant sources with President Aziz El Badraoui, for an amicable divorce.

The replacement for Fouzi Benzarti would be another Tunisian technician who is none other than the former coach of the Carthages Eagles, Mondher Kebaier. The announcement of this change at the head of the technical staff would only be a matter of a few hours.

The situation of the Casablanca club is quite critical at the start of the season. No victory at the end of the three games played since the start of the season and the last draw in front of MAT would be the straw that would have broken the camel’s back. It would also be a question of change within all the technical staff.

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