AtlantaSanad Assurance launches the 3rd edition of its solidarity campaign ‘Warm Winter’

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Nt3awnou, the solidarity platform of AtlantaSanad Assurance, with its community of beneficiaries which exceeds 850 associations and its community of volunteers which exceeds 2000 registered, launched ‘Winter in the Heat-2021’. This is an operation which consists of activating its network of partners, with a view to a massive nationwide collection of blankets and warm clothes for the benefit of populations in precarious situations who are fighting against big waves of winter cold.

The Warm Winter-2021 campaign was activated on Friday, December 10, 2021, began with a prospecting phase with associations, especially the smallest and most isolated. Objective: identify their needs, before putting them in touch with the volunteers of the Nt3awnou platform.

The call for expressions of interest from associations benefiting from Nt3awnou, is made by region according to the database of member associations and volunteers registered with the solidarity platform Once defined, the requests are structured by the project team. The associations are thus put in touch with the volunteers by the team of the solidarity platform Nt3awnou. This same team promotes, on the said platform and on its social networks, both requests and offers that have not yet been matched.

‘Warm Winter’ also targets Businesses

The ‘Warm Winter’ campaign is once again taking place this year among companies wishing to take part in the initiative by mobilizing their employees in the collection of blankets and warm clothing. The Nt3awnou team is indeed ready to support any company wishing to participate in the campaign by putting it in touch with associations which have needs corresponding to its offer.

A look back in figures on a successful second ‘Warm Winter’ edition!

The 2nd ‘Winter in the Hot’ edition was conducted by Nt3awnou between December 5, 2020 and January 31, 2021. It experienced a lot of interest from both registered volunteers and associations benefiting from Nt3awnou, with the key no less than 25,000 items of clothing distributed, more than 300 warm blankets and 9 electric heaters.

How to participate

Nt3awnou has set up a team to collect donations from Nt3awnou. She can be contacted from Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Any volunteer or association wishing to join the adventure is invited to register on the following links or send a WhatsApp with the subject of the request to 0662510318.

An Nt3awnou advisor will take charge of monitoring the request.

For volunteers wishing to make donations:

For associations seeking donations and volunteers:

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