Azur Innovation Fund invests 5 Million Dirhams in the AgenZ Start Up

Ltechnology and science to inform every real estate decision

Agenz was created to make real estate market information you can trust and instantly, to help everyone make better real estate decisions, faster, at the right time.

The company, founded by two brothers, Malik BELKEZIZ and Badr BELKEZIZ, brings together a unique team in Morocco of engineers, statisticians and Data Scientists to develop the most successful and precise real estate valuation and analysis tools on the market. . A latest generation real estate website, focused on data and customer experience

Agenz launched, first online estimation site in Morocco

Today, the site allows each individual to estimate their property free of charge, to find out about prices and offers in their neighborhood, or to choose the most relevant real estate agency for their project according to objective criteria (zone d activity, sales history ..)

“The site and the functionalities accessible from have been designed to streamline the real estate transaction process for users: on the one hand by providing transparency on the market to each project leader, whether seller-buyer or tenant , and on the other hand by helping professionals to promote their expertise and prospect more effectively ”Malik BELKEZIZ

After a success in Casablanca with more than 20,000 Estimates carried out in a few months, a very strong growth in Traffic and benchmark partners on the market, will be launched throughout the Kingdom in the coming weeks.

B2B solutions soon available

Agenz will unveil more comprehensive digital market analysis and property valuation solutions for professionals at the start of 2022.

Agenz’s ambition, supported by its investors, is to support all players in the real estate value chain (real estate agents – Developers – banks – insurance – investors) by helping them to accelerate their activity. and to improve their performance metrics (Acquisition and retention of their customers – profitability – management of real estate portfolios, etc.) See you in 2022!

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