Botola Pro: Home victory for the Maghreb of Fez against the Ittihad of Tangier

The Maghreb of Fez (MAS) won at home against Ittihad of Tangier (IRT) by 2 goals to 1, Saturday at the Hassan II stadium in Fez, on the occasion of the 14th day of the Botola Pro D1.

The Massaouis won 2 goals to 1 after ending the first period with a draw of 1 goal everywhere.

During the last season, the two teams had failed to decide on the occasion of the 29th day (0-0), and the Yellow and Black had defeated the IRT on behalf of the 14th day (2 -1).

The Tangier club unlocked the counter from the 5th minute with a penalty signed Axel Meye. The MAS returned to the mark in the 45th minute with an achievement by Abdoulaye Diarra. The Fassi team took the reins of the match in the 90 + 3rd minute with an achievement by Alaeddine Ajaraie.

As a result of this meeting, the MAS, 21 points, climbed to fourth place, while the IRT remained in ninth place with 17 points.

For the next day of Botola, the MAS will move to Raja de Casablanca (RCA), while the formation of the city of Detroit will play at home against Hassania d’Agadir (HUSA).

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