Botola Pro: La Renaissance de Berkane outclasses Berrechid’s Youssoufia

The Renaissance of Berkane (RSB) largely beat the Youssoufia of Berrechid (CAYB) by 4 goals to 1, Wednesday at the municipal stadium of Berkane, on behalf of the 15th day of the Botola Pro D1.

Suffering from 1 goal behind at half-time, the Oranges regained control of the match during the second part to ultimately win the match 4 goals to 1.

During the last season, the two formations had left back to back for the account of the 21st day (1-1), while Youssoufia Berrechid had overthrown RS Berkane on the occasion of the 6th day (1- 0).

Youssoufia opened the scoring in the 45th minute with an achievement from Said El Aoufir. The Berkanis returned to the mark in the 51st minute with a goal from Youssef Al Fahli. Thanks to achievements by Kisinda Tuisila in the 53rd minute, Youssef Ezzaghoudi in the 55th minute and Hamza Regragui in the 89th minute, RSB took the lead.

Following this meeting, the Renaissance of Berkane climbs to third place in the standings with 23 points, while the Youssoufia, 18 points, remains in 11th place.

For the next day of Botola Pro D1, RS Berkane will play at home against Maghreb de Fez (MAS), while CAYB will travel to Raja de Casablanca (RCA).

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