Botola Pro: Mouloudia Oujda and Chabab Mohammédia back to back

Mouloudia d’Oujda (MCO) and Chabab de Mohammédia (SCCM) failed to decide (1-1) on Tuesday, at the Oujda stadium of honor, as part of the 15th day of the Botola Pro D1.

The MCO finally made up for it after being led 0 goals to 1 at half-time.

During the previous season, the oujdie formation had outclassed Chabab Mohammedia on the occasion of the 21st day (3-2) and on behalf of the 6th day (0-1).

The team of the city of flowers unlocked the counter in the 7th minute with a realization of Herve Guy. The MCO stuck to the score in the 77th minute with a realization of Abdellah Khafifi, leaving him the possibility of clinching the point of the draw.

At the end of this match, the oriental club, 11 points, remains in the penultimate place, while the Mohammedia Chabab remains in eighth place with 19 points.

For the next day of Botola Pro D1, Mouloudia d’Oujda will play at home against Olympique de Khouribga (OCK), while Chabab de Mohammedia will travel to FUS Rabat (FUS).

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