Bourita and Albares agree to resume commercial traffic by land

Rtakeover of commercial traffic at land border posts. The announcement was made in a joint statement by Nasser Bourita and his Spanish counterpart José Manuel Albares, after their meeting on the sidelines of the 77th United Nations General Assembly in New York.

“We want to go further, that’s why we are working with the objective of achieving a land crossing for goods next January”said the Spanish minister, welcoming the 30% increase in Spanish exports to Morocco, in just one year, to reach 6,000 million euros, thus consolidating Spain’s position as the first trading partner of the kingdom, says the joint statement.

As part of the “reactivation” bilateral cooperation, the two parties have “agreed to work for the orderly and gradual passage of goods through land customs posts to begin in January”continues the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, without providing details on this commercial traffic.

commercial traffic “ordered”, between Morocco and the two Spanish enclaves of Sebta and Melilia (the only land border posts between the two kingdoms), was previously provided via commercial customs at the border post between Melilia and Nador. The border with Sebta still has no commercial customs. In interview given to As is last June, the director general of Moroccan customs, Nabyl Lakhdar, affirmed that the construction of such a customs infrastructure at Tarajal (border post between Sebta and Fnideq) was not ” a hot topic “ for its administration.

Moroccan-Spanish cooperation resumes with renewed vigor

During their meeting in New York, the two officials also discussed migration, investment and bilateral cooperation. Thus, the two diplomats welcomed the step “new and unprecedented” that the relations between the two neighboring kingdoms have crossed.

Likewise, they agreed to convene the Joint High Commission before the end of the current year, stressing that this meeting “will mark an important stage in the dynamics of Moroccan-Spanish relations”.

As for the migration issue, Bourita announced that “Rabat and Madrid intend to coordinate their efforts during a meeting scheduled for next December with a view to involving other countries in this approach to managing the migration issue and combating human trafficking networks”.

The Moroccan official also stopped at “the success of Operation Marhaba thanks to the quality of cooperation and coordination between Morocco and Spain, as well as the restoration of maritime links between the two countries”.

For his part, the Spanish minister mentioned “evidence of excellent cooperation”noting that the figures for “irregular arrivals have been reduced by 20%” in the last four months compared to the same period of the previous year.

He then indicated that the cooperation between the two countries will continue to expand: “we have an intense bilateral program covering all aspects of our bilateral relationship”.

Albares also announced that the Spanish government will approve a development promotion fund project worth 20 million euros, the first project in 20 years in Morocco aimed, according to him, at granting microcredits for promote the inclusion of young people and women in the productive system.

He indicated that the cooperation between the two countries will also focus on technical assistance in the railway sector, the water sector and for the establishment of integrated systems.

During his trip to New York, Nasser Bourita also met with several heads of diplomacy, in particular those of Luxembourg, Finland, Antigua and Barbuda, Belgium, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovenia, -Bas, Argentina and Portugal.

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