China bans tattoos for footballers

From music to online games, via reality TV and private lessons, China has been trying in recent months to regain control of its youth and to impose virile values, as opposed to a moral decadence that would come from the foreigner.

Also in the viewfinder, the “vulgar” content broadcast on the small screen and social networks, called to focus instead on “patriotic” values.

The Chinese audiovisual regulator has thus called in recent months to establish “correct” beauty criteria and to ban “effeminate” men and “vulgar influencers”.

The footballers of the national team now have “the formal ban on having new tattoos,” said the Ministry of Sports on Tuesday, inviting those who have them to have them “removed”.

“In the event of special circumstances […] tattoos must be covered “during training and competitions, the ministry said in a statement, which prohibits the recruitment of any tattooed athlete.

Tattoos are generally frowned upon in China, which remains overwhelmingly a conservative society. But they have some success in big cities especially with the younger generation.

The measure was variously appreciated by football fans.

“Should we choose a good player or a saint?” », Asked a supporter on the social network Weibo.

This is not the first time that aesthetics are invited in Chinese football.

The Federation had already ordered players to cover their tattoos in recent years.

Football legend David Beckham appeared blurred last year in a documentary on Chinese public television.

A meeting of women’s university football was also canceled last year … after a ban on the players to dye their hair.

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