Commerce: 29% of wholesalers expect sales to increase in Q4 2021, according to HCP

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The expectations of 29% of wholesalers show an increase in the overall volume of sales for the fourth quarter of 2021 (Q4-2021) and a decrease according to 12% of them, indicates the High Commission for Planning (HCP).

In its recent note on the results of its quarterly business surveys in wholesale trade and non-financial market services, the HCP explains this development mainly by the expected increase in sales in “Wholesale of food and drink products” and “Other specialized wholesale trade”.

Orders planned for Q4-2021 would be at a normal level according to 80% of business leaders and employment would experience stability in the workforce, according to 91% of wholesalers.

In the third quarter of 2021 (Q3-2021), sales of the Wholesale sector on the local market would have been stable according to 58% and an increase according to 25% of wholesalers, the note indicates.

This development would be mainly attributable, on the one hand, to the increase in sales in “Wholesale of food and drink products” and in “Other specialized wholesalers” and, on the other hand, to the decline in sales. in “Wholesale of information and communication equipment”.

During the third quarter of 2021, employment would have been stable, according to 71% of business leaders, announces the HCP, specifying that stocks of goods would have been at a normal level according to 80% of wholesalers.

The observed trend in selling prices would have shown stability, according to 64% of business leaders, and an increase, according to 30% of them.

Through Le360 (with MAP)

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