Commercial aviation: “ABL Aviation” exhibits its experience and vision in Marrakech

Commercial aviation:

“ABL Aviation”, a leading company in the leasing of commercial aircraft and the management of aeronautical assets, presented Monday in Marrakech its experience and its vision of the commercial aviation sector.

The presentation of ABL Aviation’s experience took place during the company’s participation in the symposium of the International Society of Transport Aircarft Trading, Europe, Midlle East and Africain (ISTAT EMEA), the first international organization to non-profit organization dedicated to providing aviation professionals with forums to increase networking and educational opportunities.
Taking part in a plenary session scheduled as part of this symposium, which brings together the world’s largest players in commercial aviation, Ali Ben Lmadani, founder and CEO of ABL Aviation, stressed that his group, backed by a presence on four continents and with a proven mastery of the field, is positioned as a key player on the international air market.
And to continue that this company is the one and only based in Africa to offer a complete commercial aircraft rental service, before reviewing the enormous potential available to Morocco in this area.
In this sense, he highlighted the stability and security enjoyed by the Kingdom, two key factors capable of encouraging and encouraging international companies in the aeronautics sector to come and set up in Morocco to make it their hub. regional towards Africa.

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