Crime: The 10 most dangerous, and safest, cities in Africa

#Morocco : Crime is growing in the world and the African continent is no exception. Physical assault, drug trafficking, armed robbery, murder, etc. are on the rise in many major African cities. Here are the most and least safe, according to Numbeo.

With the economic crisis that the world is going through, aggravated in recent years by droughts, the Covid-19 pandemic and, more recently, the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war, crime tends to increase in the world, with, almost everywhere, a worrying increase in physical assaults, drug trafficking, armed robbery, murder… And to measure the evolution of this crime in the world, the famous global database Numbeo has established a ranking of 407 cities.

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To establish its index, Numbeo is based on no less than 9 indicators: crime rate, evolution of crime over the last three years, sense of security in cities, citizens’ concern about attacks, risk of physical attack by strangers, risk of enduring insults and harassment in the street, risk of physical aggression related to race, ethnicity and religion, sale and consumption of drugs, and economic cost of violent crimes.

Each indicator is assigned a score. And the cities and countries are classified according to the level of crime and divided into five large groups, according to the scores obtained (on a scale of 100): “very low” for scores below 20, “low” for scores between 20 and 40, “moderate” for scores between 40 and 60, “high” for scores between 60 and 80, and, finally, “very high” for a score above 80.

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The 2022 ranking covers a total of 470 cities, including 23 African ones. None of these are in the category of cities with a “very low” level of crime. The bulk of cities on the continent fall into the “moderate” and “high” categories. However, three cities on the continent are in the “very high” category, appearing in the global top 10. These are the South African cities of Pretoria, Durban and Johannesburg.

Kigali, the capital of Rwanda is the city with the lowest crime rate in Africa with a score of 24.58 points, ahead of Lausanne (Switzerland, 24.59 points), Seoul (South Korea, 24.89 points) , Geneva (Switzerland, 26.36 points). The Rwandan capital is followed by that of Morocco, Rabat, with 36.87 points, ahead of Alexandria (Egypt, 40.55 points), Accra (Ghana, 46.88 points), Tunis (Tunisia, 47.28 points), Addis -Abeba (Ethiopia, 48.09 points), Cairo (Egypt, 49.33 points), Algiers (Algeria, 54.26 points, Gaborone (Botswana, 55.77 points) and Casablanca (Morocco, 55.92 points). Thus, two Moroccan cities are in the top 10 cities with the lowest crime rates on the continent.

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In contrast, South Africa concentrates most of the cities where crime is high in Africa. Indeed, the first 6 cities of the continent where the crime rate is the highest are South African: Pretoria, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Bloemfontein. Windhoek (Namibia), Luanda (Angola), Lagos (Nigeria) and Tripoli (Libya) complete the top 10 African cities with high crime rates.

Globally, the cities with the highest crime rate in the world are: Caracas (Venezuela, 83.94 points), Celayo (Mexico, 81.98 points), Pretoria (South Africa, 81.94 points) , Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea, 81.23 points) and Durban (South Africa, 81.05 points).

As for the cities with the lowest crime rates in the world, they are Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates, 11.40 points), Al Fujayra (United Arab Emirates, 13.20 points), Doha (Qatar, 14.12 points ), Quebec (Canada, 15.01 points) and Taipei (Taiwan, 15.22 points).

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