Disappearance of Houssein Miloudi: big names in the world of the arts in Morocco testify

Houssein Miloudi died on Thursday September 15, 2022 at the military hospital in Rabat at the age of 77. Major artist of the Moroccan pictorial scene, he leaves behind him an emblematic work. This is what several Moroccan painters bear witness to, paying him a final homage.

Mehdi Qotbi, painter

President of the National Foundation of Museums of Morocco

“A discreet and creative artist”
He is an immense artist, always of immense discretion. He gave a beautiful image of the city of Essaouira. He was nurtured by a constant desire for innovation. He even wanted at one point to make Berber jewelry…
His mind was racing, he wouldn’t stop. The National Museums Foundation and the Mohammed VI Museum in Rabat have had him participate in all the major exhibitions on Morocco and Moroccan painting.

Fouad Bellamine, painter

“An artist always equal to himself”
I have always greatly appreciated the discretion of this artist-painter, his good nature, his attachment to his hometown, his seriousness in his work. I personally knew him since the beginning of the 70s at the L’Atelier gallery in Rabat (a gallery which no longer exists today and which had been created by Pauline Deumazières, Editor’s note). He was always equal to himself. Namely, always very discreet. His pictorial world was loaded with signs and symbols, specific to him. Aerial signs, sometimes surreal. Houssein Miloudi was also part of a generation that came with a new plastic style.

Ikram Kabbaj, sculptor

“He was one with his creation”

Houssein Miloudi was a very reserved person, an artist very attached to the city of Essaouira. He is someone who has marked the Moroccan pictorial scene enormously thanks to his emblematic style. He is someone who was one with his creation. He is one of those artists that I appreciate humanly and professionally. In 2003 he participated in the international sculpture symposium in Essaouira. So I rubbed shoulders with him during this event.

His sculpture Barakat Mohammad is also still exhibited in Essaouira since 2003. He left a beautiful work at the entrance of the city.
For me, he is someone who deserved a tribute before his death. I would even have liked there to be a tribute from the city of Essaouira, if only for this work.

Mahi Binebine, writer and painter

“We just lost a real artist”

Houssein Miloudi is a major artist of the Moroccan pictorial scene. He was extremely discreet. He lived in Essaouira and I visited him in his studio from time to time. He was someone who created his own world, who was not in the competition, in the noise, or in the fury. We just lost a real artist. I had, and still have, a lot of admiration for his way of life. I am deeply sad.

Mohammed El Baz, painter

“An artist who has valued local culture”

Houssein Miloudi is part of this generation, which has highlighted Moroccan culture. That of signs, that of tattoos…
There was a kind of magic in these signs which represented the traditional and popular culture of his country. It is someone who did not move much, he was always cloistered in his studio in Essaouira. From this space came things that looked like him.
This artist has allowed others to take an interest in local cultures, without complexes. Moreover, I see currently and more and more, young artists winners of the School of Fine Arts of Casablanca or Tetouan take an interest in and create works inspired by this same local culture.

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