Diving into the heart of the Starlight ship, the new Talent Show from 2M

2M is launching a new Talent Show: Starlight. The decor of the set resembles an underwater ship. The show will be broadcast from next Tuesday, October 25, at 9 p.m. In all, 48 candidates will compete, but only one will be the winner of the show, on December 20, 2022.

Ten years after Studio 2M, the second channel of the public audiovisual division is launching a new Talent Show program. A program certainly inspired by The Voice but made 100% by Moroccan skills. It is the We May company, headed by Bouchra Riaji, a Moroccan who lives in France, who developed the concept of this program, whose ambition is, in the long term, to be exported outside Morocco.

But meanwhile, star light, which aims to put budding singers in the spotlight, will be broadcast at 9 p.m. on 2M from Tuesday, October 25. In total, there will be 9 prime time shows, with a final scheduled for December 20.

That evening, viewers will finally discover the one that the jury, made up of five stars of Moroccan song, has chosen to be propelled to the front of the stage, giving them the means to fly with their own wings. .

Nouamane Lahlou, Latefa Raafat, Hafed Douzi, Asmaae Lamnawar and Aminux, all members of this jury, will have to judge the various services that will be given to them to evaluate, about a total of 48 candidates.

The coaches, headed by Nabil Khaldi, who also worked as artistic director of Studio 2M, the ancestor of star lighthave already received 3,065 files, before shortlisting 48 of them, which viewers will discover over the broadcasts.

“Today the codes have changed. The perceptions of how to become a singing star too, so the competition was tough…”, explained Nabil Khaldi, during the presentation of star light before the media yesterday, Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

It is at the very heart of the “vessel” star lightinstalled in the vast studio 1200 of the premises of the channel, in Ain Sebaâ, that Hicham Mesrar was chosen to present this program.

Nouamane Lahlou, who is embarking on an experience of this type for the first time, could not contain his joy: “everything on this set was done with 100% Moroccan skills, and in a very professional way” , said the singer-songwriter, who, by the way, took the opportunity to declare loud and clear that television was one of the ways to preserve the intangible heritage of the country.

The artist clearly alludes here to the vain attempts of Algerians, who try to reclaim Morocco’s cultural and intangible heritage.

Also interviewed by Le360, Hafed Douzi expressed his satisfaction with the level of the candidates vying for the Starlight final: “We were pleasantly surprised by the level and by the songs that they decided to perform brilliantly. The Moroccan song was very present, it is the proof that this program succeeded in its objective, since the product will be exported abroad”.

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