Divorce appeals to Moroccans

Divorce appeals to Moroccans

It is a Moroccan reality that is growing more and more.

Not a single day goes by without the country’s courts registering hundreds of divorces. Indeed, beyond the fatal repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw the number of divorces explode in the world and also in Morocco, the confinements having forced many couples to live together 24/24, causing, As a result, conflicts, lifting the veil on incompatibilities, leading thousands of people to separate, divorce has taken on new proportions in Morocco, and this, since 2004, showing a considerable increase each year.
Indeed, no less than 135,724 divorces were pronounced during the year 2021 against 76,936 in 2020 knowing that in 2005, one year after the launch of the Moudawana, the number of divorces did not exceed 28,232 . This confirms the words and points of view of several Moroccan sociologists, lawyers and adouls who affirm that the Moudawana has greatly simplified divorce procedures by granting more freedom to women to request a divorce. This trend has increased in 2021, since almost a third of marriages, or 308,687, in 2021 ended in quick divorce.
Signs of the times, fads, renewed freedom, desire for independence, there is good and bad when we look seriously at these figures. “The good side is that women are more and more confident and sure of their choices and their mistakes and decide to rectify things without leaving feathers or harming the children. It is in this sense that an unhappy and childless marriage must logically end in a separation so as not to prolong an adventure doomed to failure while condemning innocent children who have chosen nothing. The downside is that divorce has almost become a fad. Some couples divorce for a yes or a no. For trifles, because the union itself, at the base, is based on emptiness. Not to mention the levity with which people marry today and divorce after a few weeks. This is a serious indicator of a profound social change that should challenge us”, explains Doctor Imane Kendili, psychiatrist, sexologist and addictologist. In this sense, we can understand these hundreds of thousands of divorces in 2021 that took place just a few months after the marriage.
Precipitation, error of judgment, bad choices and erroneous decisions, today divorce is no longer a taboo in Morocco. In some cases, it is even a source of pride for some. It is experienced as a rite of passage to live one’s celibacy without marital or family constraints.
On another level, we must not forget that hundreds of thousands of divorces tear family structures already weakened by precariousness, especially among the poorest social strata. Often, this type of divorce causes collateral damage for which the children pay a heavy price: dropping out of school, social deprivation, homelessness, begging, prostitution… So many scourges which are spreading at a sustained rate in Morocco today.

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