Elected officials and officials who hinder development unmasked

Kiosk360. Parliamentarians point the finger at civil servants and heads of administrations as well as certain elected officials who use and abuse procedures to block investment. This article is a press review taken from the daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribia.

The sovereign mentioned them in his last Speech from the Throne. Majority parties identified them and called to fight them. The greatest danger for the development of the country and for the promotion of investments, the sovereign underlined in this speech, resides in the obstacles erected on purpose by some to preserve their own interests and achieve personal profits.

During an information day organized last Tuesday by the groups of the majority in the First Chamber and devoted to the draft framework law on the investment charter, the deputies dwelt at length on this problem.

According to the daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, which reports the information in its delivery of Thursday, September 22, the deputies pointed the finger at the Administration and the administrative officials who still cannot get rid of an outdated management mentality. The structures of the administration, the bureaucracy in general and above all the heads of public administrations and elected officials contribute to hindering investment, as Mohamed Ghiyat, leader of the parliamentary group of the RNI, has also pointed out.

For the deputy, it is these officials and the type of mentality widely held among them that are causing investment not to progress as it should, adding that it is this type of dysfunction that the draft framework law on the charter of the investment comes to flatten.

In this sense, continues the leader of the RNI parliamentary group, the government had the courage, the audacity and the intelligence to bring this text out into the open. He said he hoped, at the same time, that this framework bill, once adopted, would not experience the fate of the previous one, which was frozen for 19 years and which was the subject of 77 amendments before the current government decides to implement it.

For his part, the leader of the PAM parliamentary group, Ahmed Touizi, while supporting the statements of his colleague from the RNI, noted that this text, once promulgated, will make it possible to reverse the configuration of investments to pass, by 2035 , to a share of public investment reduced to one-third, while the remaining two-thirds will be carried by the private sector. The MP, while reviewing certain provisions of this new text as well as the expected results of their implementation, considered that the overhaul of the legal framework is not enough to ensure the take-off of investment.

According to the head of the WFP group, it is necessary to fight, with firmness, the officials who hinder investment and put spokes in the wheels of investors, so that they stop delaying development. Abundant in the same direction, the leader of the Istiqlal group, Noureddine Modiane, also noted that it is not enough to promulgate laws, but it is also necessary to ensure their application and to crack down on those who hinder their implementation.

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