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It is not yet known whether he will miss Elias Shaer’s injury for some time in matches, but his Queens Park Rangers coach Mark Warburton is looking forward to seeing him in his team’s game tomorrow Thursday against Bristol City. , in the 25th round of the “Premiership” competition. وأصيب شاعر عندما تلقى ضربة قوية في الدقيقة 30 من المباراة التي خسرها فريقه يوم الإثنين الماضي أمام ضيفه بورنموت (0-1) برسم الدورة 24 وبالكاد أكمل الشوط الأول بعدما تلقى الإسعافات الأولية, ولم يتمكن من مواصلة اللعب فغيره مدربه خلال فترة الإستراحة وغاب عن Second half-time. As much as the Queens Park coach Warburton is keen to see his player healthy and fully prepared for Thursday’s game, especially as the team are playing on the rise … as much as Waheed Khuludzic is hoping the injury to a poet will be ephemeral and non-disturbing in order to ensure his trouble-free participation in the “Alkan” finale.

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