Energy efficiency: a positive assessment of the GEF-solar pumping project

The Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE) drew up, Tuesday in Rabat, a positive assessment of the GEF-solar pumping project, launched jointly with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), with the financial support of the for the Global Environment (GEF) and whose implementation was completed in 2022.

All the objectives of the program have been achieved despite the pandemic and what has happened in the past two years, said AMEE Director General Saïd Mouline, who was speaking at the closing of the project.

He also affirmed that the climatic changes which, today, punctuate everyone’s life, “show that we are on the right track and make our visions even more blatant”.

The objective, now, is to generalize the experience, the know-how and the achievements of the project, indicated the director general of the AMEE, recalling that 60,000 farmers were able to acquire solar pumps within the framework of the program that represents an economic, social and environmental model.

He also stressed the importance of setting up projects without putting pressure on the country’s groundwater, stressing that it is a question of managing the energy aspect. without this encroaching on the management of the water aspect.

The official highlighted AMEE’s willingness to share its experience for the benefit of the African continent, which today “is so in need of clean energy, jobs and projects with reduced environmental impact”. Launched in 2017 by the AMEE in partnership with the UNDP and with the financial support of the GEF, the GEF-Solar Pumping Project, which came to the end of its implementation last April, had the overall aim of setting up the adequate framework for the development of the solar pumping market in Morocco.

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