Entrepreneurship: 5 innovative projects rewarded

Five entrepreneurship projects in the fields of innovation, digitalisation, renewable energies and sustainable development were awarded on Tuesday evening in Rabat, as part of the 2nd “Talent entrepreneurs” festival, organized by the Rotary Club of Rabat.

The first prize thus went to a project relating to the design and production of a planting machine, intended to facilitate very high-speed planting of potatoes. This project is led by Aicha Oukkane.

The 2nd prize was awarded to a project for an improved ecological stove allowing heating in mountainous areas with a high energy saving potential, led by Mustapha Mahni.

As for the 3rd prize, it was awarded to “Jodoor Greentech”, a startup that aims to democratize agriculture in a controlled environment through a circular system and technologies that are resilient to climate change. This project is initiated by Amine Derj and Yassine Mouhcine.

A project relating to human resources “MONRH.MA” by Mounir Chaoui Al Kabir, received the 4th prize, while “TabibWare” by Ismail Alaoui Abdellaoui, a digitalized solution for managing medical practices was awarded the 5th prize.

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