Faouzi Benzarti outside the walls of the green castle

A Rajawi source revealed that Raja Sports Club President Aziz Al-Badrawi had
The dismissal of team coach Faouzi Benzarti from his post.

The same source confirmed that the dismissal is due to the recent negative results in addition to his irresponsible statements in which he stressed that he was not responsible for the assignments the team made during the last transfer window.

Raja Sportive collected two points from a draw against Olympique Safi, a defeat against Ittihad Tawarka and a draw against Maghreb Tetouan.

Al-Badrawi met Tunisian Faouzi Benzarti after the end of the match against Maghreb Tetouan, in order to know the reasons for the negative results. After the meeting, the president decided to dismiss the coach from his position and to name Munther Al-Kabir, according to dispatches.

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