Feu Vert sets up in Morocco

Feu Vert sets up in Morocco

Specialized in automotive maintenance and equipment

Feu Vert arrives in Morocco. The brand specializing in automotive maintenance and equipment recently announced in a press release explaining that its mission would be to offer maintenance, repair and equipment offers in an expert manner, at accessible prices, with fast, quality and local service. After France, Spain and Portugal, the French company is therefore establishing itself in Morocco through its first workshop in Marrakech at the beginning of next year.
Indeed, Morocco is the first country outside the euro zone where Feu Vert is continuing its development. “The opening of several centers owned or franchised in the next 5 years in the main cities of the Kingdom should follow according to opportunities and in accordance with the forecasts of the ambitious development plan, already being deployed. The search for suitable spaces and recruitment are currently underway across the country,” says the brand. In terms of figures, it must be said that the brand has a network of 466 multi-brand auto centers, including 363 in France.

With an average surface area of ​​more than 850 m², these Feu Vert auto centers are organized around two distinct and complementary areas of activity (the self-service store and the workshop).
With these workshops equipped with technologies, Feu Vert wants to guarantee everyone the proper maintenance of their vehicle, by focusing on the quality of products, technical services and services. “The brand has won a place of choice with European motorists and offers its recognized expertise to more than 10 million regular customers, wishing to maintain and equip their car under the best price, quality and practicality conditions. “, specifies the same source.

A promising Moroccan market
For the brand, it was a Moroccan market with strong growth potential that seduced Feu Vert. And for good reason: this market is divided mainly between manufacturers (20%) and independent mechanics (65%), increasingly taken aback by the modernization and upgrading of the vehicle fleet. Thus, Feu Vert will allow Moroccan customers to entrust their vehicles to qualified multi-brand repairers, able to provide quality services, at a lower cost, and perfectly adapted. In order to strengthen its territorial presence, the brand is deployed in branches, but it has also developed its concept based on franchising. “This model already represents half of the 363 centers in France (181 branches against 182 franchise). Feu Vert Maroc will also develop its network with its own auto centers or via highly qualified franchisees to meet the requirements of the brand,” explains the same source.

Expertise that grows over time
Since 2005, Feu Vert has chosen to adopt the concept of making its voice heard through Ramsès (a white cat with green eyes), which has become the brand’s iconic advertising image. Appropriating the slogan “La Patte de l’Expert”, Ramsès puts its stamp on the proximity of the brand to its customers with the slogan: “At Feu Vert, there is always a solution!”. “Ramsès’ expertise expresses Feu Vert’s ability to have all the technical data necessary to maintain all the vehicles in full compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. And this with parts of equivalent quality to the original parts, manufactured by the largest European equipment manufacturers and partners of the brand (more than 50,000 references of multi-brand products)”, underlines the same source. And to add: “More than ever at the forefront of automotive technology, Feu Vert provides the necessary skills to support the development of the current automotive market which is undergoing profound technological changes: the end of diesel engines and the replacement by cars complex hybrids, but also the advent of electric models… Morocco must prepare for this and Feu Vert is there to provide its expertise and help it”. Founded in 1972 in Lyon, Feu Vert is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

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