forecasts for Friday, September 23, H24info

Here are the weather forecasts established by the General Directorate of Meteorology for Friday, September 23, 2022:

– Foggy formations or local drizzles on the coasts and the northern and central plains.

– Rise of dense cloudy periods over the south of the Saharan provinces with stormy showers.

– Skies slightly to temporarily cloudy in the south of the Oriental and the Middle Atlas.

– Minimum temperatures of around 08/15°C on the reliefs, 22/28°C in the extreme south-east, the east and the south of the Saharan provinces and 15/21°C everywhere else .

– Maximum temperatures down in the south and the Souss and up slightly elsewhere.

– Fine seas on the Mediterranean, fine to slightly choppy on the Strait, slightly choppy between Cap-Spartel and El Jadida and slightly choppy to choppy elsewhere.

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