Franco-Algerian drug lord sentenced to 20 years in prison

Kiosk360. The criminal chamber at the Rabat Court of Appeal has just sentenced the Franco-Algerian drug baron, arrested in October 2021 in Tangier, to 20 years in prison. Details in this press review from the daily Al Akhbar.

“Why why”. These were the words “spoken timidly, with astonishment and amazement, by the French drug baron of Algerian origin, Sofiane Hambli, on hearing the verdict rendered against him, on the night of Thursday to Friday, by the criminal chamber near the Court of Appeal of Rabat”.

The sentence is twenty years’ imprisonment, together with a fine. The verdict was delivered after marathon hearings and an in-depth investigation by the investigating judge at the same appeal court, reports the daily. Al Akhbar in its weekend edition of September 24 and 25.

During all the stages of the investigation of this affair, the daily recalls, “drug barons, civil servants and elements of the security services involved in this affair, and other people already convicted of drug trafficking were auditioned”.

Finally, the investigating judge prosecuted him in a state of detention for “constitution of a criminal gang, international drug trafficking, money laundering and kidnapping”. At the end of the verdict, the accused was taken “under close surveillance given his dangerousness” to Salé 2 prison where he had been imprisoned since his arrest in October 2021.

This dangerous trafficker, who was the subject of an international arrest warrant issued against him by Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO), via a red notice, at the request of the competent French authorities, was arrested in October 2021 in Tangier. Subsequently, the investigation was entrusted by the competent general prosecutor’s office to the national brigade of the judicial police (BNPJ).

After this investigation by the judicial police and the investigation of the case by the examining magistrate, the trial started to last five hearings, indicate the sources of the daily. This drug trafficker with a heavy criminal record and customary on the run, was therefore prosecuted on the basis of the charges decided by the examining magistrate, specifies the daily.

Of Algerian origin, this dangerous trafficker, born in 1975, was arrested in a clinic where he was being treated in Tangier, following clashes with other traffickers. Thus, the adventure of this individual, a key figure in several scandals in France and on the Iberian Peninsula, ended in Tangier.

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