Hasna Afounnas, general of an army of flies soldiers

Hecological heritage

Hasna Afounnas, 24 years old today, has always been sensitive to ecology. This young Gadirie grew up in a farming family. “My grandparents lived in the countryside and instilled in us respect for the environment, she confides. They did not exploit the grounds. On the contrary, they took care of the land which offered them food in return.”. After a scientific baccalaureate, Hasna obtained a diploma in accounting and business management in 2019, before completing internships in different companies, giving her a more precise idea of ​​the world of entrepreneurship. The March 2020 containment is the trigger. “The bins were overflowing with waste ”, she remembers. Her husband, Mohamed Moustahfid, graduated in biology, then pushes her to embark with him in a project that she initially finds completely eccentric: the breeding of insects (entomoculture) to recover waste.

An unexpected ally

Hasna Afounnas

“The maggots to me…

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