Hemophilia and bleeding diseases: the University Hospital of Rabat inaugurates the first electronic database

By Ihssane El Zaar on 09/23/2022 at 10:35 p.m.

CHU Ibn Sina - electronic database - hemophilia - bleeding diseases

Silvère Aubriot, general manager of Novo Nordisk Maroc (on the right) and Abdelkader Errougani, director of the CHU Ibn Sina-Rabat (in the center), during the launch of the first electronic database of hemophilia and bleeding diseases, Thursday 22 September 2022.

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The Ibn Sina University Hospital Center in Rabat and the Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical laboratory have announced the establishment and launch of the project for the first electronic database of hemophilia and constitutional bleeding diseases in Morocco.

The project in question will be carried out, in fact, in the pediatric oncology department of the children’s hospital and in the acute hemophilia unit of the medical-hospital emergencies of the CHU Ibn Sina in Rabat, indicates a joint press release from the CHU Ibn Sina and Novo Nordisk Pharma laboratories.

“The aim of this initiative is to inform decision-makers on the management of haemophilia and other constitutional haemorrhagic diseases and to enable monitoring of the impact of the national plans put in place”, indicates the same document.

The project revolves around two axes, in particular the establishment of a computer system for collecting and sharing information on hemophilia and the development of educational capsules on hemophilia, usable in multi-media, in particular the television and smartphones.

The partners organized, Thursday, September 22, an inauguration ceremony at the children’s hospital in Rabat in order to present the project in detail and to discover the new digital path of the haemophiliac patient within the children’s hospital. .

“Through the creation of this electronic database, we intend to once again provide our support to hemophilia patients and health professionals while raising the awareness of as many people as possible about this disease which is, for the moment, incurable”, said Abdelkader Errougani, director of CHU Ibn Sina in Rabat.

“Our mission at Novo Nordisk is to fight against chronic pathologies, such as hemophilia, by offering patients and their families innovative solutions, both in terms of medication and in improving care in the broad sense. . Making a tool such as this database available to health professionals will enable the Moroccan medical and scientific community to significantly improve the monitoring, care and condition of hemophilia patients in Morocco. We are working for a future where people with hemophilia can live fully without worrying about their condition,” said Silvère Aubriot, General Manager of Novo Nordisk Morocco Laboratories.

This project is in fact part of the strategy of the Ministry of Health which has retained in axis 23 of its National Health Plan 2025: “the establishment of a national integrated health information system”.

By Ihssane El Zaar

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