HONOR Launches its new HONOR X8 Smartphone in Morocco

The world leader in HONOR technology, has launched, in Morocco, its new HONOR X8 smartphone, which is part of the HONOR X series, which will be fully delivered with the advanced HONOR RAM Turbo technology. This innovative technology will allow users to enjoy high-level performance and a smooth and efficient experience, while gaming.

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As well as being able to use several applications simultaneously, while maintaining the greatest possible efficiency. Also, apps will remain in their current state and users can still resume work from the breakpoint, if they move between apps.

The new HONOR X8 phone is equipped with an exceptional and innovative set of the latest edge features reflecting HONOR’s continuous quest to improve the efficiency of its smart devices. Its ambition to provide the best advanced and innovative technologies to users in the Middle East but also around the world. HONOR X8 is also available in two premium colors, Titanium Silver and Midnight Black.

The phone will be available in Moroccan markets from September 24.

Outstanding camera capability to capture evening beauty

The main camera is 64MP and integrates a spectacular photography experience with 4 lenses, including a 64MP rear camera, wide-angle camera, macro camera and depth camera, all to allow users to free their creative eye to capture a range of different scenarios ranging from landscape capture, evening footage, portrait images, close-ups, selfies, and more.

The evening is a magical moment for lovers of the night, to be seized to capture the most wonderful moments. However, taking photos can often be difficult, as cameras cannot capture the moment with as much clarity and perfection as seen with the naked eye. With this in mind, HONOR is setting new standards for the benefit of the art of smartphone photography with the launch of its new HONOR X8 phone. The brand has managed to provide powerful camera capabilities with the Super Night Mode feature which enables users to capture splendid images regardless of dark surroundings or even low light.

The phone can be reserved on September 17, and then you will get a valuable gift from HONOR.

Large screen and perfect display for better viewing

HONOR X8 features a 6.7-inch screen with 1.1mm ultra-thin bezels, which offers a 93.6% screen-to-body ratio to give users an immersive viewing experience, cinema and dynamic details with more content displayed on the screen, whether while reading, browsing the internet, watching videos or gaming. The circular edges also provide a comfortable structure and easier grip when using for long periods of time.

On the other hand, HONOR was able to control the blue light ratio to reduce potentially harmful emissions. Its latest HONOR X8 phone comes with TÜV Rheinland certified blue light filter that reduces harmful blue light radiation emitted from the screen and relieves eye stress regardless of heavy smartphone use, with flash-free certification, to deliver a eye comfort at the highest levels, and HONOR X8 is a very practical and comfortable device even with prolonged use.

Powerful battery that lasts all day

These specs are amazing, but you might wonder what about the battery? HONOR X8 is designed to meet the needs and lifestyles of today’s consumers, including increasing the use of applications such as games and videos that consume huge amounts of energy. The phone offers a long lasting 4000mAh battery that can power the smartphone for the whole day. The phone also comes with fast charging technology which can provide 3 hours of video playback through fast charging for 10 minutes, ensuring that users can use the device quickly without worrying about battery drain.

Creativity in design transcends the limits of beauty

These advanced benefits come in a sleek, modern design that moves beauty and leadership standards to all new levels. HONOR X8 is designed with the finest details in mind, using high-quality materials and components to combine superior performance with a lightweight structure. Indeed, the structure of the HONOR X8 phone is exceptionally light, weighing only 177 grams and a slim design of 7.45 mm. Thanks to its light and thin structure, users will be able to enjoy video watching and rivalry quality in games, marked by the significant absence of weight in the hands.

In 2013, HONOR was a subsidiary of HUAWEI, before separating. and HONOR launched the HONOR 50 phone after disconnecting from HUAWEI, continuing to use Google services in its products, and achieving significant sales ratios in a number of countries.

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