how Morocco is becoming a rising power in the region

With acquisitions and buying speculations, Morocco is filling the order books of the largest drone manufacturers from Turkey, Israel, China and (soon) the United States. While this project will extend the kingdom’s drone fleet to strengthen its air defense system, it is nonetheless underpinned by a military strategy. To the point of making Morocco a rising power in terms of drones?


LIs Morocco becoming a rising power in terms of drones? With the latest acquisitions by the kingdom of these unmanned aircraft, capable of carrying out surveillance missions or carrying explosive charges, the drone fleet of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) is expanding with deliveries from the United States, ofIsrael, of Turkey and even from China and the project to create” an export-oriented industry. To the point of pushing the American economic magazine Forbes to ask the question by looking at the latest purchases of Morocco in this area. What is it?

A choice influenced by the wars of …

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