Ilan Benhaïm, Start me up!

NOTWe have an appointment at 3 p.m. Ilan Benhaïm is there ten minutes before. Ilan is punctual. It is precise. He is polite. Of this politeness that we do not pretend. In other times we could have written that his handshake is firm, but the Covid has been there, so it’s the elbow check that is firm and precise. The look is frank. The serial entrepreneur with a flamboyantly successful Moroccan father and Austrian mother is one of those who doesn’t need to do things ostentatiously. No outward sign of wealth. The watch does not shine. But she is ultra-connected. No logo on the clothes but impeccable cuts. Even messy hair doesn’t just happen by chance. There is a mastery in this enthusiast with extraordinary backgrounds.

A providential meeting

His professional adventure has …

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