In Parliament, the UC and the MDS pass into the bosom of the majority

VSwas predictable. The two parties forming a single parliamentary group chaired by the deputy of Gharb, Bellaâssal Chaou, recorded their affiliation with the majority this Thursday, December 23 during a meeting of the presidency of the House of Representatives.

Taking part in this so-called “coordination” meeting, the president of the Constitutional Union-Democratic and Social Movement group (UC-MDS, 23 seats) also expressed his “Pride in belonging to the majority, with which one’s group shares the same orientation and the same objectives”, that his “Willingness to work alongside them in the service of the best interests of the country and the citizens”, according to the minutes.

The majority and its privileges

The now four presidents of the parliamentary groups of the majority in the first chamber also insisted on a future “Permanent consultation between them, taking care not to take any decisions on current issues within these Commissions without informing the group presidents”.

This last condition is intended “Within the framework of the application of the content of the Charter of the governmental majority”, signed in early December by their party leaders, Aziz Akhannouch (RNI), Abdellatif Ouahbi (PAM) and Nizar Baraka (Istiqlal).

Additional speaking time

It was also agreed by the parliamentary quartet to “Hold meetings on a regular basis, in bi-monthly attendance, according to a predetermined agenda, and whenever necessary”.

The deputies of the four groups will therefore coordinate for everything relating to the control of public policies executed by the government, as well as to legislative action.

The UC-MDS group also obtained three additional minutes of speaking time during the monthly oral questioning sessions to the head of government Aziz Akhannouch.

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