Inauguration in Casablanca of the “Les Impériales 2022” museum of advertising and the media

Inauguration in Casablanca of the

The “Les Impériales 2022” museum of advertising and media was inaugurated on Tuesday evening at the Carré d’Or in Casablanca, marking the official start of the 5th edition of this event which promises to be rich in exchanges, learning and business opportunities.

Organized on the initiative of the association “Les Impériales”, this museum constitutes a space of sharing highlighting advertising and media objects and an anthology of works having sketched the fine lines of this century-old art which today constitutes a essential component of collective memory. The advertising and media museum aims to demonstrate the evolution of the professions of communication, advertising, media and marketing, to illustrate the changes in transgenerational consumption patterns and to encourage its public to undertake reflections relating to Moroccan culture and how it manifests itself today.

Through works, posters, TV spots, packaging, covers, articles and testimonies collected, the museum provides an overview of the evolution of the advertising and media culture that founded the history of this sociological art in Morocco. This year, the museum is enriched with a new theme, around the history of packaging. Renewed for two consecutive editions, the advertising and media museum is now an unmissable event for the association.

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