INDH. Student development is an ongoing process

The second edition of the National Conference on Human Development focused on the centrality of the student in any reform project of the education system and the crucial role of the teacher, as a pillar of the acquisition of learning.

Placed under the theme “The quality of learning, key to human development”, the 2th edition of the National Conference on Human Development, organized under the high patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, put the student at the center of any education reform system. All stakeholders are therefore unanimous that the development of this learner is a continuous process. They thus underlined the need to improve the quality of learning through the adoption of a holistic approach ranging from childbirth, child health and hygiene to schooling, including initiation through the preschool.

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The panelists mentioned other elements to promote this centrality of the student, including the promotion of the school climate, the development of an evolving quality assessment system, as well as the use of new technologies to improve quality of learning and artificial intelligence for grading and assessment.

In this context, the speakers insisted on the fact that evaluation is a necessary device to achieve the quality and continuous improvement of educational programs and the training device, noting that it is both the evaluation of the children’s skills and the practices of the educational staff.

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The speakers also highlighted the crucial role of the teacher as a pillar in the acquisition of learning, as well as in the success of any school system, hence the importance of focusing on the selection of the best students to make them teachers, give them the best possible training and guarantee follow-up in terms of continuous training throughout their career. “We must move on to a real professionalization of the teaching profession”, we note.

International experiences in improving learning were presented during this meeting, including the Indian experience to achieve quality learning for all children or that of Kenya, which consists of focusing on the key ingredients of success.

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Emphasis was also placed during these panels on the prospects for generalizing the TaRL approach, characterized by six dimensions, namely the ethical, methodological, humanist, professional, evolutionary and pedagogical dimension, concluding that the reform project of the education system is a long and comprehensive process that should not be rushed.

The INDH at the bedside of the development of the education system

Chakib Benmoussa, Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports called for the need to place the reform of the education system in the societal project of the country, while welcoming the important role of the INDH in social and educational support . The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) contributes to the strengthening of social and educational support services through its program dedicated to encouraging success and addressing the main causes of school dropout in poor and vulnerable environments, it said. – he said, Monday in Skhirat, in his speech during the closing panel of the 2nd National Conference on Human Development, organized under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI.

And Benmoussa to specify that the ability of learners to acquire essential skills (reading, writing, arithmetic), allows them to integrate into social life. Hence the importance of generalizing pre-school education. “The ministry has put in place a roadmap for educational development which determines the priorities for the period 2022-2026, and which aims to direct efforts towards measures that directly impact the learner”, declared Benmoussa underlining the role role of quality schools in the development of human capital.

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Hundreds of participants involved in the field -institutions and public authorities, international organizations, civil society, local authorities, private sector, experts and teacher-researchers-, as well as foreign personalities took part in these 2nd National Conference on Human Development, held Monday in Skhirate.

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