Kenya: President Ruto takes expulsion measures against the leaders of the outgoing power

What had to happen finally happened. Kenyan President, democratically elected, William Ruto has launched operations to clean up the ranks of power by dismissing many leaders close to former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to reliable information received by L360 from Nairobi, the new president of Kenya, William Ruto has even banned certain former officials, from the Uhuru Kenyatta era, from traveling abroad.

The remediation measures were expected insofar as Willam Ruto intends to assume his new responsibilities in a healthy environment, according to the same sources.

This “cleansing” is synonymous with a new slap in the face to the Algerian military regime, which has found no better way than to resort to a false denial of a supposed reversal by Kenya regarding the dismissal of the ghostly “rasd” by decision of the President William Ruto.

Algerian propaganda, as usual when it comes to undermining the Kingdom of Morocco, quickly unsheathed by publishing this denial ordered from the outgoing Secretary General of Foreign Affairs of Kenya.

By deciding to dismiss the former leaders linked to the now former president, the new head of state confirms, in the most striking way, that the dismissal of the separatists in the pay of the corporals of Algiers is indeed “real and irreversible” . The title of Cabinet Secretary in Kenya is the equivalent in Morocco of that of Secretary General of a ministry.

The disciplinary measures were not limited to suspension or expulsion but to the prohibition of travel abroad. Moreover, according to these same sources, members of the former regime are even suspected of embezzlement.

electronic media, “” has just confirmed these measures by reporting that President William Ruto has also decided to reduce the powers of the Secretaries General still in office. These leaders have also “received the order to seek authorization from President Ruto before traveling abroad, “regardless of the nature of their visit”.

According to this media, which quotes an official press release, certain Secretaries General of ministries have received “the order to remain in office until their replacements are appointed”. This operation, decided by the new president aims to ensure “a smooth transition from the fourth regime to the fifth administration in place for a little over a week”.

According to the Electronic Journal of Kenya, the Secretaries-General of the former regime were also “prohibited from appointing members of the Board of Directors of state corporations or state agencies, as well as from carrying out any redeployment ministerial or any new appointment at any level within ministries and departments of state”.

Ordering financial transfers is now prohibited. And to add that “Ministries, Departments of State and State Agencies (MDAs) must no longer issue new policy statements unless approved by HE the President”. Finally, the newspaper, citing a source close to William Ruto, said that the new president, on a tour of the United States, plans to “unveil his list of nominees for secretaries general upon his return to the country.

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