Kenyan media: how President William Ruto “cuts ties” with the pseudo-RASD

The decision of the President of the Republic of Kenya William Ruto to revoke the recognition of the pseudo-SADR has made headlines in the Kenyan media, which note that this decision “cuts ties” with the separatists and marks a new era of cooperation between Nairobi and Rabat.

Thereby, DailyNation writes that the day after his inauguration, President Ruto “cut ties” with the separatists, stressing that the revocation of the recognition of the pseudo-RASD constitutes William Ruto’s first major decision in terms of foreign policy, a few hours after sworn in as 5e President of Kenya.

President Ruto has declared that Kenya will put an end to the representation of the puppet republic in Nairobi and will support Morocco, adds the mass circulation media, specifying that the Kenyan head of state announced this position at the end of his meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, Nasser Bourita, who gave him a message of congratulations from King Mohammed VI.

In this move, Kenya is following in the footsteps of the United States, underlines the author of the article, noting that this decision suggests that Kenya could establish a full diplomatic mission in Rabat.

In the same line, The Standard writes that President Ruto is severing Kenya’s ties with the puppet republic.

“Kenya is rescinding its recognition” of the pseudo-SADR and “taking steps to close its representation in the country,” Ruto wrote in a tweet quoted by the publication, which added that the president underlined the centrality of the United Nations in as the exclusive mechanism to find a lasting solution to the artificial conflict.

On his side, The Star writes that President Ruto said that Kenya has decided to accelerate its relations with Morocco in several areas, including trade, agriculture, health, tourism and energy.

“Kenya supports the United Nations framework as the exclusive mechanism to find a lasting solution to the Sahara dispute,” the president wrote on his official tweeter account, the newspaper added.

For its part, The Citizen writes that President Ruto has distanced himself from the recognition of the pseudo-SADR, saying that Kenya only supports peace initiatives undertaken within the framework of the United Nations.

He further noted that Kenya has started the process of closing down the puppet republic’s representation in Kenya, the newspaper adds, which reports that the new Kenyan President received a congratulatory message from His Majesty the King, following which he “decided to cancel the recognition” of the pseudo-RASD.

The electronic journal Kenyans writes, for his part, that President William Ruto has made it clear that Kenya no longer recognizes the pseudo-RASD, adding that he has declared that he has started the process of closing the representation of the puppet republic in Nairobi.

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