Khalid Aït Taleb: liar, liar?

It’s hard to be Khalid Aït Taleb. Our Minister of Health is more than ever at the heart of the news. This week, he even turned into a diplomat by denouncing a supposed lack of respect for health protocols in our northern neighbor. In a completely different context, we could have been convinced by this tackle to the Spanish authorities, but the situation under our skies is far from brilliant. Some of our compatriots had to wait several weeks, or even several months, to regain the kingdom. And the hopes of some of them for a smooth return to the most beautiful country in the world were quickly showered. Because if their return had been postponed to avoid the spread of the Covid, once they arrived in Morocco, these “returnees” were placed in an environment at least favorable to the transmission of the virus. This was particularly the case in Fez, where some were told, in the hotel supposed to welcome them for a period of isolation of seven days, that they were going to have to share a room with strangers, in the same situation …

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