Lawyers angry at the vaccine pass: towards a way out of the crisis?

Little glimmer at the end of the tunnel, in the tug-of-war between lawyers and the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Justice. A dialogue meeting was held yesterday, a sign that judicial activity could resume normal functioning in the days to come.

In the opposition movement of lawyers against the vaccine pass, the outlines of a possible compromise seem to be emerging. Negotiations on the obligation to present this document digitally or in paper format, in order to enter the courts, continue to progress.

Indeed, a so-called “dialogue” meeting was held yesterday, Tuesday, December 28, 2021, between the president of the Moroccan bar association, the deputy president of the Superior Council of the Judiciary and the president of the public prosecution, but without the presence of the Minister of Justice. Following this meeting, the president of the Moroccan Bar Association, Mr.e Abdelouahed El Ansari, said the black dresses were ready to discuss possible solutions to start the crisis.

For their part, the deputy president of the Superior Council of the Judiciary and the President of the Public Ministry expressed their concern to “strengthen the independence of the legal profession”.

In a press release issued at the end of this meeting, the Moroccan Bar Association reiterated the “positions it has expressed previously concerning the obligation of the vaccination pass in the courts”, and stressed that only professional institutions were “empowered to manage the affairs of the profession, including the aspect concerning their access to the courts”.

The final form of the compromise found has not yet been announced, but according to a statement from the Tetouan Bar Association, dated Tuesday, December 28, 2021, it is “the members of the bars who will control the vaccine passes of the lawyers” , i.e. a decision identical to that taken in Casablanca on Wednesday, December 22, 2021, following a tripartite meeting that took place between Abdelaziz Fathaoui, president of the Casablanca Court of Appeal, Najim Bensami, Attorney General of the King near this court, and Tahar Mouafik, President of the Casablanca Bar.

The Council of the Tetouan Bar Association also specified that an emergency meeting will be held to determine the modalities for the implementation of this measure.

For his part, Me Abdelbar Mendil, president of the Federation of Associations of Young Lawyers in Morocco (Fajam), confirmed, in a statement for Le360, that lawyers were still waiting for a clear joint decision, written in black and white, to avoid any ambiguity.

“Of course, there was a compromise following the meeting which was taken yesterday and which we would like to welcome. But we have to wait for a clear and common decision that takes into account the independence and specificities of the profession of lawyer, which is in perfect harmony with the spirit of the Constitution and ratified international human rights conventions. by Morocco and which also guarantees the interests of litigants, ”he said.

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