Le Boualem, stray dogs, carpooling and the Queen of England

Another week has passed, friends, and together we continue our collective march into the lights of bliss. Zakaria Boualem has followed the news carefully, and he is formal: we are progressing, progress is increasing, hamdoullah. This is how he learned with joy that the mayor of Casablanca announced her plan for stray dogs. It seems, hold on tight, that they are 250,000 unfortunate canids to be picked up each year in the city, it is wonderful. Imagine that they will be sterilized, then “released in their natural environment”, which is unfortunately not specified. Is this the exact street they were caught on? Does one move in some countryside to release them in nature, which they never frequented, where they will be able at leisure to terrorize some premises – less numerous it is true? The mystery is total, but Zakaria Boualem retains that the problem has been dealt with, which is the most important, at the point where we are. He also remembers, the bugger, that on this beautiful day when he produced this somewhat vain text, six cases of…

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