Little Mina witnessed 8,000 murders

I ask the question: is it normal for little Ayman or little Mina to watch all these horrors all day long? What generation of psychopaths are we raising?

A few months a year, I set up home in a small town in the R’hamna where there are roasters, a few well-kept public gardens, a phosphate mine and a lot of gray matter – the density of scientific researchers per inhabitant must be one of the highest in Africa.

I live in a pretty house infested with cats that I feed before they eat me. In the evening, on the veranda, I quietly read a good book, in absolute silence interrupted from time to time by the song of a bird or the fight of two felines.

All the same, sometimes I want to watch a good movie. And this is where things go wrong. My TV happens to be hooked up to a satellite that only seems to know Middle Eastern channels. Why not? It allows me to improve my knowledge of literary Arabic, a beautiful language with an infinite treasure of words – I discover new ones every day.

But the movies? I must specify: in the original language. I hate watching Brad Pitt speak German or Al Pacino yell at Robert de Niro in Tagalog. Only one of these channels broadcasts these films in their original version on four different channels. It is movies Americans: never, I mean: never, I have seen an Italian film (formidable fund, however), French (not even the very consensual Amelie Poulain) or Spanish (give us Almodovar!).

Go for America. And now I come to the subject that bothers me. For months, I have only watched, of course, action films where it kills, it massacres, it assassinates, it dismembers (I’m not exaggerating), it rushes from the top of the ramparts, it scalds, it guts, it eviscerates, it sticks-my-finger-in-your-eye, it tac-tac-tac-tac-tac (sound of a machine gun), it boom-badaboum (explosions galore), it immolates (but yes), it beheads (slash!), it kills, it stabs (aaaaah!), it cuts its throat, it tortures, it slays so much and more, it chokes (take that!), etc.

And that all day. One would think that these channels would have the decency to only program these horrors in the evening, after 10 p.m., when the kids are in bed. What not: it starts to exterminate from breakfast.

I did a calculation which revealed to me that, statistically, a child in our beautiful country, if he watches only one or two of these films a day, will have witnessed 8,000 murders before he has even reached adolescence. I put the question to the psychologists or psychiatrists who are kind enough to read me: is all this without consequences?

Myself, after having endured this barrage of violence for a week, I suddenly feel like strangling my cat Whiskas when I hear him doing his nails on my sofa; whereas I am usually rather placid. If I had a Kalashnikov at my disposal, Whiskas would only be feathers, if I may say so.

I repeat the question: is it normal for little Ayman or little Mina to watch all these horrors all day long? What generation of psychopaths are we raising?

Fortunately, these channels still have the decency to spare children the absolute abomination. When the hero, after having massacred twenty villains, approaches the pretty heroine to receive his reward (a chaste kiss), the censor mercilessly cuts the scene and we move on to the next, where he burns three Chinese alive and beheads ten. Slavs. A kiss! No no no! Obscenity has limits.

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