Man is not born wicked, he becomes so when he is sick! (after Voltaire)

Are men more sensitive to pain than women? It would seem so!

In Quebec, the expression “man’s flu” means exaggerating the symptoms of a mild illness and believing that death is near as soon as the nose runs. In England, man flu (man’s flu) designates a small cold or inconvenience of which the man complains as of a serious illness.

What do wives think?

“A sick man? Ciniiiima akhti (a show)!”

“He becomes a child again. And me? His mom!”

“The slightest cold or headache exhausts him.”

“Back pain? He lies down and absolves himself of all responsibility. He groans: wa’ibadou Allah, rani mriiiide.”

Women suffer in silence, having learned to master the pain of menstruation since it is hchouma speak of it. We teach them sber (endurance) to be worthy wives. They had to give birth in silence. A woman could give birth alone, in the open field. Back home, the husband found the baby and the meal ready.

Cozy or not, the men, according to the women, moan over nothing: “He’s driving me crazy, he’s sending me to make him soup. When I go there, he reproaches me for abandoning him!”. Funnier: “I am becoming his slave, but he moans calling for his mother: amouimti, ah moui…”.

“My husband becomes aggressive and overflows with fchouche (whims).”

“When I have a headache, I take a pill and go back to my activities. When it’s him, he collapses, puts a bandage on his forehead, slices of lemon on his temples and repeats in a loop: Allah y Rabbias if dying.

“The wife, sick or not, continues to attend to her obligations in the home and outside of it.”

According to the women, the man trivializes the pain of the wife. “His flu is still much stronger than mine. I have no right to complain.”

“He never cares about my pain. Even when I am bedridden, he asks me to take care of the household.”

“He enrages me when he says to me: what have you done to be tired?”

“But him, as soon as he is pale, he rests because msikine fihe almoute (he is dying)!”

“At the slightest boo, he evokes death: tanmouuuute.”

The men make a denial of the disease of the wife, for fear that their universe collapses. Mohammad: “My God. If she keeps the bed, I panic seriously. I am unable to take care of the house, children, shopping, cooking. Allah ysmah lya menha (God, may she forgive me)”. Thank you sir, a great recognition that all women expect.

That said, let’s be honest: there are men who are not ‘the sabbath (cosy) nor capricious when they are sick. There are just not many…

According to Serge Marchand, researcher in neuroscience (Quebec), most of the senses are more developed in women than in men, such as smell and pain. Testosterone, the male hormone, reduces the sensation of pain. Sensitivity to pain would be constant in men. In women, it varies with the menstrual cycle and changes in estrogen and progesterone secretion. Before ovulation, the woman bears more pain, but less when her period approaches. Which would explain these pains which can be unbearable.

Women, unlike men, experience various forms of pain which can be intense and in several parts of their body. In addition to menstrual pain once a month, 9 months of pregnancy, childbirth and recovery, breastfeeding, women suffer from other pains. The weight of pregnancy can weaken the spine and cause back pain.

Several scientific studies report that men do not tolerate pain in the same way as women. According to the scientific journal Brain (She, March 2022), women disproportionately suffer from chronic pain. They are twice as likely as men to suffer from headaches and migraines.

An unusual experiment was conducted by the Swiss media tataki: men were asked to become aware of the pain of menstruation. They have been fitted with electrodes on their stomachs which give pain similar to that of menstruation, just for a short time, to put themselves in the shoes of women. They did not support. Testimony of a man subjected to the experience: “I didn’t realize how painful it could be (…). To all the girls at school who I made fun of for your period, please know that I am sincerely sorry.” (Daily geek show.)

As for the pains of childbirth, it would take another experience to make them savor to men who are unaware of their intensity. Dalila: “My delivery was very long. My husband, a doctor, accompanied me until delivery. When they put me in my room, I said: “I am exhausted”. Her husband’s response? “You can’t be as bad as me!”

“I burst into tears. Imagine that, according to him, his psychological and emotional pain is more intense than that of childbirth!

Throughout the world, women live longer than men. According to scientific research (Health Magazine, 2015), the female body has the ability to renew stem cells through which all other cells develop: white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets. The menstrual cycle, pregnancies and all hormonal changes boost stem cells. The female hormone estrogen, unlike the male hormone testosterone, activates the FOX03 gene, called the “longevity gene” found in women over 100 years old.

So gentlemen, let’s summarize: we suffer more than you, but we are compensated by living longer than you! No hard feelings!

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