MEPs end their mission after being prevented from entering Morocco

Lhe members of the mission: Miguel Urbán (Anticapitalistas), Pernando Barrena (former MEP for Bildu) and the German Cornelia Ernst (Die Linke), contacted the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, to explain what is happened and pass on their complaints, sources from the group told Spanish news agency EFE.

Urbán denounced on social media how Moroccan border authorities prevented the delegation from entering Morocco on Tuesday (September 20). The MEPs traveled to the border town of Nador from Melilia, where they had been since Monday to visit the temporary residence center for immigrants and meet the Spanish Refugee Aid Commission.

“We have been in Melilia for two days and we wanted to go to Morocco to participate in the investigation of the events, of the murders. If they don’t want us to pass (…) then they have something to hide”said Urbán in a video shared on social networks, where he also warned that MEPs would demand that the European Parliament and the Spanish government “denounce what happened”.

In a statement, the MEPs explained that they were accompanied by various members of European NGOs and lawyers, sixteen people in total, and that the Moroccan border police refused them entry ” even before “ that they can surrender their passports and “without any kind of explanation”.

The mission included a visit to Nador and the hospital there, where some injured people were treated on June 24, as well as a meeting in Rabat with the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH), a meeting with journalists in Casablanca and meetings with several migrants who survived the drama of Melilia.

The mission that was refused entry was an independent initiative by the Left Group, but the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee is also planning to send a fact-finding mission to Melilia in the coming months, although no date has yet been set, in order to shed light on the circumstances of the June 24 tragedy.

This committee, which deals with migration issues in the European Parliament, has asked the Spanish Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to appear before the MEPs to explain the management of this ” crisis “ by the government.

Members of the left group in the European Parliament said they would continue to ask the Spanish government to allow Grande-Marlaska to stand before MEPs “to find out what really happened and who is responsible for these deaths”.

In the plenary session of the Congress (lower house of the Spanish parliament, editor’s note) this Wednesday, September 21, the Spanish Minister of the Interior stressed that the events of June 24 were a “intolerable and violent attempt” irregular entry of 1,700 immigrants, which is why he defended the response “firm, calm and proportionate” of State.

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