“Mica”, the right of a child to change his destiny

Emoving. This is the first adjective that comes to mind after watching Ismaël Ferroukhi’s latest film. Ten years after Free men and The big trip (who is today a reference in Moroccan cinematography) the Moroccan-French director returns with Mica. A feature film that describes, almost in the form of a tale, a reality that always hurts, evoking social inequalities, child labor and the need to go elsewhere. Mica, a child from the province, finds himself working in a tennis club in Casablanca. He spends his days cleaning the grounds, picking up litter. He is humiliated by the “good family” children who frequent the club. Until a meeting with a former tennis champion changes her fate. Because Mica has an instinctive gift for the sport.

The tennis court, a place of social conflict

The particularity of this film compared to …

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