Mobile internet. Maroc Telecom confirmed in its positioning [Rapport]

Maroc Telecom confirms its leadership position, particularly in the mobile Internet segment. In any case, this is shown by the very recent report by OpenSignal, an independent mobile data analysis company.

This is a report that analyzes the overall user experience of telecom operators in Morocco. OpenSignal thus places Maroc Telecom at the top of the operators in terms of mobile experience (videos, games, voice applications, download speed, experience of 4G coverage). The report states that with average download speeds of 37.1 Mbps, Maroc Telecom users experienced the fastest download speeds in Morocco, 61.2-81.7% faster than users. average download speeds recorded by the competition. “Additionally, Maroc Telecom users also reported the fastest overall download speeds of 9.7 Mbps – 33.9% to 46.4% faster than those seen from the competition,” the authors continue. ‘study. We also note that Maroc Telecom won the video experience prize quite comfortably with a score of 54.8 (out of 100).

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“This means that our Maroc Telecom users in Morocco have reported the best experience available when streaming video over mobile networks. Additionally, with these scores, all three carriers scored fairly (40-55) for the video experience,” OpenSignal observes. The study also states that Maroc Telecom is well ahead in terms of 4G coverage experience. It should be noted that Maroc Telecom also won the two consistency awards, with the highest score of 66.3% for excellent consistent quality and 86.8% for basic consistent quality.

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“Consistently excellent quality measures how well carrier networks meet minimum recommended performance thresholds for watching HD video, making group video conferencing calls and playing games. Core Consistent Quality measures the percentage of user tests that met thresholds for underperforming applications, including SD video, voice calls, and web browsing,” the report notes.

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