Mobile network: Opensignal gives top marks to Maroc Telecom

Mobile network: Opensignal gives top marks to Maroc Telecom

Opensignal, an independent global standard for analyzing consumers’ mobile experience, has just delivered the main conclusions regarding Maroc Telecom’s performance.

The operator specializes in the development of indicative guides to better understand the real experience that consumers receive on wireless networks. And so it is that for Morocco, at the end of the last report published in September, Maroc Telecom easily wins the Download and Upload Speed ​​​​Experience awards.

According to the analyzes of the operator’s experts, Maroc Telecom comes first in terms of mobile experience (videos, games, voice applications, download speed, 4G coverage experience). The incumbent also stood out in terms of the fastest download speed compared to the competition. “With average download speeds of 37.1 Mbps, Maroc Telecom users experienced the fastest download speeds in Morocco, 61.2-81.7% faster than average download speeds recorded on inwi (23 Mbps) and Orange (20.4 Mbps).

Additionally, Maroc Telecom users also reported the fastest overall download speeds of 9.7 Mbps – 33.9% to 46.4% faster than those seen on inwi (7.2 Mbps) and Orange ( 6.6 Mbps),” the report read. It also recorded the best performance in terms of video experience. “Maroc Telecom wins the video experience award quite comfortably with a score of 54.8 (out of 100) – at least 10 points ahead of Orange and inwi’s statistically tied scores of 44.1 at 44.8 points.

This means that our Maroc Telecom users in Morocco have reported the best experience available when streaming video over mobile networks. Also, with these ratings, all three operators got a fair score (40-55) for the video experience. inwi and Maroc Telecom are co-winners for Games and Voice App Experience”, rightly explain the authors of this analysis. In terms of 4G coverage experience, Maroc Telecom is well ahead.

Finally, it tops the list in terms of consistency. “Maroc Telecom wins both consistency awards, ahead of second-placed Orange with the highest score of 66.3% for excellent consistent quality and 86.8% for basic consistent quality,” report experts from Opensignal.

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